Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    I don't really have much to say about Ubuntu today. I've been catching up with my Linux news all day, and there is a lot on my mind. I've seen a lot of Windows or Mac people talking trash about Linux. Also, Linux people talking trash right back. Notice I didn't group these "people" with their respective communities. 
    Let's start with the Windows people. I read on one site, someone (with 20+ years experience with a computer) saying with Windows it's click install, and go, but when they used Linux, it took hours to install a basic program. Because of that, Linux is a "geek toy". Ok, I have to somewhat agree there. Linux can be a geek toy. But for most it isn't. My fiance, who was an avid Windows user, and after installing Linux Mint on her laptop, she caught on rather fast. And she never really asked questions much different than she would using Windows. But why does the Linux community knowing it isn't that hard to do that, have to flame the fire? Just let it go.
    If someone who is determined to use Windows, and Windows only, tries to say something about Linux, ignore them people. I've seen the same thing a thousand times in forums too. A person new to Linux joins, has a decent question about running a Windows program in Linux, but the community says there's a Linux program that does the same thing. The newbie is determined to run the Windows app., and people start to flame them.
    How does this look for the community? I know of several people that have seen threads like that and thought the Linux community was like that if you weren't a Linux geek. I do mean that in a good way, BTW. I was one of those few in the beginning. When Vista crashed, I tried Ubuntu, but my Atheros wireless card wasn't supported then. I asked for help on the Ubuntu Forums, and got no help, was flamed for not understanding every word I was told. If I had the money at the time, I probably would have gone back to Vista. 
    But that's one of the many things that give Linux a bad vibe. I seriously believe that there would be more people using linux if it weren't for the bad things.

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