Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've got to rant a little...

Well I've finally gotten around to catching up with my Linux news, and I'm not liking what I've been reading. Several things have gotten to me. There was an article on Linux Insider.com about a guy attempting to explain why Linux sucks. While some points are well done, some of them have no basis to a real Linux user. The one point I completely agree with though, is that Linux as a whole needs to be simplified. I'll probably get hate mail from Windows people for this, but Windows and OSX people ARE a bit less intelligent than a typical Linux user. I don't mean this in a derogatory way, but in a constructive way. Windows and OSX users
have been given dumbed down operating systems, so they don't have much, if any, advanced computer skills. Linux users need these skills to run their OS of choice. I'm not saying that cammand line use is completely necessary, but on occassion it is needed.
Now, I've been using Ubuntu and various other Linux distros for around 3 years now exclusively. Before that, I used Windows 95, 98, Win2K, XP, Vista, and I learned computers back in the early days of Apple. Recently, I decided to try NOT using Terminal in Ubuntu and Console in Puppy. So far, I've been going about 2 months with out needing to type commands. I haven't even had the need to figure out how to do something with the GUI I would normally do in Terminal or Console. So when are these fanbois going to get a life and actually complain about something that is actually a problem in Linux?
One thing I have a problem with is Wine. While it is a Godsend for those who use certain Windows apps, it need major work in my opinion. From my experience with it, there are still a lot of apps that just don't work with it. I like World of Warcraft, but without a decent amount of work, I can't play it in Ubuntu. I know it's possible, so don't start ranting yet.
Next, software manufacturers need to get out of the grip of Microsoft and start porting software to Linux. If they could port to the major Linux distros, it could be made to work for nearly all of them. I have several friends that would be totally willing to switch away from Windows if they could get better software.
Another issue I read in the previously mentioned article was noobs don't want to do kernel updates. Are you freaking kidding me? I know with Ubuntu, updates are constant, and can get annoying sometimes, but kernel updates are in there. So where is the issue of kernel updates? I'm not really seeing it. Something else is the need of simplicity. Honestly, Linux is more simple that Windows and especially OSX. If you have a problem with something in a Linux distro, look in their forum. If not there, there's probably a Linux blog explaining how to fix it. With Windows....ugh. If you Google the problem, you normaly get something like 20 million links to look at. Usually, the forums have stuck up IT guys in them, so not much help there. OSX is something I'm not going to go into, because after trying it, and feeling like I had no control over anything hapening. Plus, the last time I used it was a couple years ago.
So when are Linux haters going to make true accusations instead of making up lies? I admit Linux may not be the better OS, but if you don't like it, go buy Windows. Noone is stopping you. But keep in mind, Windows has major downfalls too. I'm not going to go into them today. Maybe tomorrow.