Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Closed minded people

Why is it most Windows users act like they have their head stuck up their ass? A now ex-friend, had her head so far up there, she could smell dinner from 3 nights ago. I showed her an article about how Microsoft is admitting Linux is becoming a threat. Her response was "I'm not afraid of Linux. Why would anyone want Linux anyway? It doesn't ever work, and you need to be a tech geek to keep it working. I like being able to just get on my computer and it work without having to work for it."
She's obviously someone who has never touched Linux, and seems to think she can have an opinion about how bad it is. First of all, how is it even possible to have an opinion about something you know nothing about? That would be like me saying writing a program in C+ is hard. I've never tried, so I know I can't say anything.
Obviously Linux (Canonical and Redhat, to be specific) are becoming a threat to Microsoft. I may not be fond of Microsoft's practices, but I seriously don't think they would file a claim stating that, if they really didn't believe it to be so. To me, that's good and bad at the same time, but I'm not going to get into that right now. That's for another day.
Well, I'm done. I'm going to end this before I put her name and IM name on here for everyone to see. If someone wants it, feel free to message me, though. :D

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