Monday, May 11, 2009

Leaving Ubuntu 9.04

It's fianl now. I'm leaving 9.04 and going back to 8.10. I've had too many issues to keep bothering with 9.04. My recomendation is to NOT use 9.04. Use 8.10 or 8.04 till 9.04 is better.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04

Since I haven't posted in a while now, I thought I would tell my thoughts about 9.04. I downloaded it and installed it a few days ago on my AAO. I started out loving it, compared to the Beta version I originally tried, but then the issues started. At first, it was a buzzing when Pidgin would make a sound. That's something I can live with. No big deal. The problem I've seen was with Network Manager trying to connect to a Linksys wireless router.
My fiance works at a motel, and I was hanging out waiting for her to get off, so I was on my AAO at the motel. Well, with 8.04 and 8.10, no issues there. Network Manager say wireless connections, and would let me select them to try to connect. There were three that I could see, 2 of them wouldn't connect at all, and the motel wireless would connect, but no internet access at all, even though the girl at the front desk was connected without any problems. When she got off, and we got home, I had trouble connecting to my Netgear router. It would connect and disconnect randomly. To fix that, I downloaded Wicd to replace Network Manager. I replaced it, and so far, no problems. I guess I'll see when I go back to the motel tommorow.
If you've never heard of Wicd, Google it. Sorry for not posting a link, but I really don't feel like it right now. There's a Sourceforge page for it. I personally like it better than Network Manager, for several reasons. The major thing for me is that I have my home wireless set to auto connect, so when I boot up, it's already connected when I can use the desktop. Network Manager for 9.04 wouldn't seem to auto connet to anything for any reason. Why? I really don't know. Wicd seems to fix any problems I was having except sound issues, so it will stay, and I'll probably never worry about it. Like I said already, sorry for taking so long to post here again, life has been VERY hectic for me recently. Now, if I can find some work around here, everything will be back to normal. More to come when I find more problems with 9.04.